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convert your Airtime to cash here

MTN: WE BUY @ 17% off currently, that’s 0.17 x Amount you’re sending/selling. For instance; #5000 airtime will be 17% x 5000, You’ll get #4150 in your supplied account.

same rule applies to other network provider

AIRTEL: WE BUY @ 30% GLO: WE BUY @ 35% 9MOBILE: WE BUY @ 35%. For instance #5000 airtime, YOU GET #3250 in your account


Currently Mtn is limited to #100,000 maximum transfer per day. If you have an existing transfer code/pin, *600*receipient phone number*amount you’re sending* your 4 digit pin# New Code request: *600*0000*4DIGITpin*4DIGITpin#

AIRTEL Users: *432# is all you need to dial, change your pin first if you’re doing Airtel Me2U for the first time. Follow the prompts directly. Enter the recipient phone number follow by your transfer code. Airtel in most time is been capped at #4500 daily limit but currently it’s somehow unlimited. It’s also important to know that your default pin is 1234.

GLO SUBSCRIBERS: *132*00000*5DIGITpin*5DIGITpin# to set up a transfer pin as a fresh user. When your pin is set successful, Proceed by using *131*receipient phone number*amount*5DIGITpin# NOTE: Glo supports #1000 per transaction and #6000 limited daily share. If you’re sending 6000 Airtime. You’ll send it in 6 Places. #1000 each.

9MOBILE: To transfer AIRTIME, Dial the following combination: *223*Pin code*Amount*Phone number#. Its important to know that the old/default code is 0000, but if you want to change this code, simply dial *247*Old Pin*New Pin#

Phone numbers: MTN:. (17%) 07046177776 GLO:. (35%) 08116885181 AIRTEL:. (30%) 07013522943 9MOBILE:. (35%) 09085145679

100% Legit airtime. We have Zero tolerance to theft and/or stolen airtime.

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All well, if you’re good with the above rates: Click here to proceed ensure to complete your transfer within 5 – 10 minutes after placing order/submission.

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