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Number(s) to transfer to and our rate(s)
Mtn: 07046177776 we buy @ 85% discount, i.e 0.85 x amount you want to covert.
Airtel: 07013522943 we buy @ 80% discount, i.e 0.80 x amount you want to covert. example #5000 airtime for sale, you’ll get #4000 as your payment (0.80 x 5000 = #4000)
Glo: 08116885181 we buy @ 80% discount, i.e 0.80 x amount you want to covert.
9mobile: 09089915678 we buy @ 75% discount, i.e 0.75 x amount you want to covert.


MTN share nd sell daily transfer limit is ₦100,000 per sim card. To transfer, dial *600*phone number*amount*PIN#
If you don’t have a PIN, your default PIN is 0000, and you can use 1234 as your new PIN. So, dial: *600*0000*1234*1234# to get an active transfer pin first before initializing your transfer.

You can any amount on Airtel at ones and there is a transfer limit capped @ ₦4500 daily per SIM. Dial *432# to transfer, and follow the on-screen prompt. OR *432*1*09029647282*1*PIN#
TIP: Currently no transfer limit on airtel airtime, do you need to change your pin from default (1234), dial *432#, then select option 3,

9Mobile’s transfer limit is ₦20,000 at-a-go! To transfer credit on 9mobile, dial 223*PIN*Amount*Phone Number#. And this must be dialed on the line from which you’re transferring the airtime. For example, you want to send “N500” airtime. to 08091234580 Then dial * 223 * PIN code * 500 * Phone Number # and press “send.”
How To Get new pin for 9Mobile/Etisalat Airtime Credit Transfer. Yeah! That’s it. You just have to dial *247*default pin which is “0000”, *, New pin (any pin of your choice, but must be 4 digit long only) then “#”.

Glo’s maximum transfer (at once) is ₦1000 but daily transfer limit is ₦6000. For instance you want to convert 5k airtime, you have to transfer 1k FIVE times.
Your default PIN is 00000. Dial *131*recipients phone-number*amount*PIN# to transfer.
e,g *131*08116885181*1000*98755#
As for a new Glo SIM, your default transfer PIN is 00000. To change this default PIN, dial *132*00000*[New PIN]*[New PIN]#. Example: when you intend to change your default pin and you want your new PIN to be 33222, then dial *132*00000*33222*33222*

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