Basic Top-up Updates

Payment(s) / Wallet Top-up Updates

Minimum Wallet Top-up is NGN 200.

Minimum of NGN 200 and Maximum of NGN 50,000 is available for any payment via Debit/ Credit Cards (Be it Wallet Top-up or product/order placed payment)

NGN 200 – 50,000 and above can be made through other channels: Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, and direct bank/cash transfer/payment.

Why do you need to fund your wallet: All cashbacks/discounts on our services are enabled majorly on payments via wallet, this simply means you may or may not enjoy cashbacks if you don’t fund up your wallet!

1.4% charge fee is applied using Debit/Credit Cards for any order placed or product purchase.
Also Note: You will be charged 1% of any amount you fund your wallet with.
Wallet Top-up of #10,000 & above will be debited with one-time #50; Stamp Duty Charge
To avoid stamp duty charge, Top up below #10,000 or split your funds.
No charge applies to bank/account payment for order placed/wallet funding other than stamp duty #50 that amounts "#10000 and above"

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