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3/30/21, 6:05 PM – Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of WhatsApp support chat channel, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them.

Quickly Flip through this chat flow, it’ll help you !
3/30/21, 5:18 PM – New User: Good evening sir, I came across your number online concerning Vtu, am interested I really want to start the business. Please can you guide me?
3/30/21, 6:05 PM – M-G-C CONNECT: Hello, thank you for contacting us. It’s a pleasure to have you here. Happy New month, Please, how can we be of assistance ??
This is an auto reply
3/30/21, 6:16 PM – M-G-C CONNECT: Hello
3/30/21, 6:16 PM – M-G-C CONNECT: Good evening
3/30/21, 6:17 PM – M-G-C CONNECT: Do you have an account on the website already
3/30/21, 6:17 PM – M-G-C CONNECT: We are always here to put you through
3/30/21, 6:55 PM – New User: No I don’t have, am a novice, that’s why am here
3/30/21, 6:55 PM – M-G-C CONNECT: It’s very easy…
3/30/21, 6:57 PM – M-G-C CONNECT: You have to create an account…

If you’re really craving for a small business you can do with small capital, or you just love business relating to communications/telecommunication and you want to start up for yourself or for loved ones. Especially when you now come across a platform that understands you and what you need exactly.

Best wholesales rates for Subscribers/retailers

You can sign up directly using the link:
3/30/21, 6:57 PM – M-G-C CONNECT: Please sign up first
3/30/21, 6:58 PM – New User: Okay
3/30/21, 7:05 PM – New User: I have registered
3/30/21, 7:21 PM – M-G-C CONNECT: When you’re done with your registration…

You can now credit your wallet to perform transactions… Take your time to check out the products here on this platform
3/30/21, 8:33 PM – M-G-C CONNECT: If you have any further equiry, feel free to ask
3/30/21, 10:13 PM – New User: Okay sir
3/30/21, 11:03 PM – New User: How do I earn from Vtu? how much will I be able to use to start the Vtu and how do they structure the money part
3/31/21, 12:41 AM – M-G-C CONNECT: Vtu for all networks


Rate differs per network…

MTN is 97%,i.e 3% off as discount or Cashback. In Lay man language: If you buy #1000 recharge card. You’ll be debited 970, if it’s 100 naira own too, you’ll be debited #98 only

Glo: Glo is 95%, that is 5% Cashback

Airtel is at 95.8% of purchase, that is 4.2% Cashback or discount

9mobile is at 5% cash back like glo too
3/31/21, 12:41 AM – M-G-C CONNECT: You can start with any amount…

Minimum is just #300.
3/31/21, 12:43 AM – M-G-C CONNECT: All what you need is to fund your wallet.

Funding Wallet with #10,000 and above attracts #50 (FGN stamp duty charge)…

Meaning you’ll be debited #50 when you fund your wallet with 10k or more than 10k.
3/31/21, 12:45 AM – M-G-C CONNECT: So… It all depends on you. All you need is just your customer/receipient contÃct (phone number) and also the network provider (is it MTN, or Airtel or glo… Etc)

Just enter it according… You’re Good to Go
3/31/21, 9:12 AM – New User: Thanks
3/31/21, 9:12 AM – M-G-C CONNECT: Yeah… If you encounter any challenge…

Drop it here.

It’s a pleasure to have you here
3/31/21, 9:14 AM – New User: Please, I still have another question
3/31/21, 9:14 AM – New User: What about data
3/31/21, 9:16 AM – M-G-C CONNECT: Everything is there..

Take time and go through the website
3/31/21, 9:16 AM – M-G-C CONNECT: Click on internet bundles and see data rate for each networks
3/31/21, 9:17 AM – New User: Ok
3/31/21, 9:17 AM – New User: Thanks once again
3/31/21, 9:19 AM – M-G-C CONNECT: Don’t mention
3/31/21, 9:19 AM – New User: 😊
4/1/21, 5:05 AM – M-G-C CONNECT: _Welcome to the 4th month… We are glad we made it together dear esteemed customer, Just like yesterday, we stepped into March, God blessed us in all endeavors.

To be candid, we really appreciate your support, patronage, we also appreciate your trust and for giving us the chance to have you,

we pray that You’ll receive God’s treasure without Measure, progress & divine testimonies and blessings, Favour without Labour in Jesus Name, Amen.

We look forward to working with you this April to as well serve you better!

Don’t forget to tell a friend about our services.

Happy New Month to you

You’ll keep on marching forward in all your endeavors

      *Our rates are still cool and affordable* 

patronize us today

  Thank you for choosing US ❤️ @ M-G-C CONNECT

Stay Connected!

4/1/21, 8:00 AM – New User: Thanks
4/5/21, 3:12 PM – M-G-C CONNECT: Visit to see data rates for MTN SUBSCRIBERS.

You’re compelled to work with this updated rate(s) for now by notifying your clients on the latest development…

Note that it’s not in MGC CONNECT interest in increasing rate to/for our customers, if there’s reduction in rate from MTN end, we’ll let you know.
4/5/21, 3:21 PM – M-G-C CONNECT: Remember to drop a feedback by reviewing our products while placing orders,



   *MTN users only*

Also refer somebody to refer somebody 😘, you’ll earn from that if you don’t know, go to your homepage… to see how this works
4/5/21, 3:46 PM – M-G-C CONNECT: If you’re getting this broadcast message for the first time via your Whatsapp account, we’re really honoured to have you here .
This is just our new month briefing:

Benefits of having cash in your WALLET before services/orders request from your customers isn’t measurable ðŸ˜:.

When you place the order via wallet payment, it’s delivered in seconds…

Funding Wallet or placing order via bank transfer is fine too, but did you know that if your payment did not drop in time or being delayed by one reason or the other (network atimes) will keep your order waiting for minutes.

Having clue on your products: it matters you have full background of your services, imagine a customer purchase 9mobile airtime from you, and after few minutes called he or she hasn’t gotten the Airtime and you can not provide USSD checking code of such network
Which is *232#

This goes for bundles balance as well.

If you sell SME data and your customer is checking with *131*4#, it’ll pop-up: Sorry you don't have an active data bundle/plan

whereas *SME bundle bal checking code is different from direct bundles : which is *461*4#

Lets talk on cable sub, DStv, Gotv etc

Once a decoder is powered ON when subscription is initialized, it’ll be activated automatically, whereas not all channels will come up immediately especially those decoders that have been inactive for days or months, some requires more time or rebooting such decoder.

Electricity billing, oh, please charge customers/consumer extra for this, as the service providers do charge Utility Sur Charges from dealers, example: Jedc, Abuja Electric, Ibedc and lots more, let your customer know this. Prepaid is when you load your meter before usage,
Postpaid is when you get bills at month end.

Also: Check a product info to stay updated as there may be/have been variations in rates, either upsell or downsell before given your customer bill.

We can’t discuss everything today, we love you, you should know this and we always hope to serve you better.


Select your product, enter your details/info where applicable, e.g Phone number, IUC number, select the Data size if it’s internet bundle, if it’s airtime, select your Network and amount needed and so on, then you’ll see a message that your order has been added to cart, click on checkout, stroll down, select how you want to pay, 3 options will be available for you, 1. Wallet payment, 2. Direct bank transfer, 3. Debit/Credit Card. Note: Wallet payment is only feasible when you have funds there, click on any of your choice, then click on place order, your order will be processed immediately.

Thanks for your time/reading.

We are always available for questions and lots more.

Stay Connected!

â£ï¸ from M-G-C CONNECT team

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